Sometimes it’s the little things.

Yesterday I was finishing up my unpacking. I really am done now except for breaking down the last of the cardboard for recycling. I spent the whole weekend unpacking and organizing. I’m not done organizing but there’s a significant amount of relief in box removal.

I also decided to clean the windows a bit. It wasn’t warm enough to open them, but why not let the light shine in on a sunny day? While I was cleaning the windows in my bedroom, I looked up at how blue the sky was. At that moment, a big foil birthday balloon drifted by on the breeze, above the neighbor’s roof, right in my field of view.

It was one of those moments that happened in an instant, but somehow boosted my mood immediately. Some might look at it as a sad omen. “Some kid lost a balloon somewhere…” or “Oh boy, more litter on the planet…” Those are valid points, but it’s all about perspective. I saw the balloon as being free to live unencumbered by gravity.

Silly, probably. Even so, I think those moments where you find humor and lightness are invaluable in a world of heavy things.

I choose happiness. Every time.


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