New job, new challenges…

There have been wonderful and terrible things about starting a new job.  Currently, I have been transitioning from working extreme part time for the last year, to working a 40 hour a week job.  It’s not been the easiest thing to get used to.  I’m frequently tired and trying hard to stay present for clients, but that will pass.  I have adult clients for the first time, as well as children.  There’s also the issue that I’ve been exclusively working with kids on the autism spectrum for the last 2 years, and now I have no ASD clients.  There are certainly growing pains.

There’s also the issue of how my employer deals with the fact that we are all salaried employees.  We have to meet a minimum of 25 productivity units a week, which equates to 25 sessions a week.  That isn’t that bad, but it adds a layer of pressure to not get your pay docked, particularly when you have no control over whether or not a client shows up for their scheduled appointment.

On the plus side, I’m happy to be working a full time job for once in my post master’s career.  The productivity stuff is annoying but it’s manageable and supervisors are understanding.  There are tons of opportunities to fix the problem, and as long as you’re doing everything you are supposed to, they really won’t dock your pay.  I think it’s just easier for them to create a harsh sounding policy to ensure that people don’t slack off.

Even with challenges, I’m excited.  I’m happy with how things are going.  I drive to work in a good mood for the first time in a long time.

I’m definitely settling in to routines in both work and home.  For home, I bought a desk and a chair at Ikea this weekend and I’m slowly setting it up.

My new #ikea desk is together😅 thank goodness. Lunch & #tea break is deserved!

A photo posted by Kat A (@porkyporkerton) on Mar 15, 2015 at 10:48am PDT

Hopefully, I’ll be able to reopen my Etsy shop in the next few weekends.  I have a lot of ideas for items and I’m pumped to start working on them.  New desk, new items, new photos, new starts!  I love it all.


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