I did it!

I moved in to my apartment last weekend and I start my new job on Monday.  I’ve been settling in and unpacking boxes as much as possible while I’m off.   It’s all gone relatively smooth, and it’s definitely seemed to happen in lightening speed.  I can’t say that it hasn’t been a stressful process.  This is the first time I’ve moved to another state where I’ve been a certified, card carrying adult, with things like cars, insurance, bank accounts, etc to worry about.  There have been a few little things popping up that I hadn’t even considered, like the need for parking passes for the street in my new neighborhood…but I’m chipping away at it.  The minor stress is manageable, and I’m taking time to recharge when I can, getting lots of rest, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy.  I’m working on establishing new healthy routines as well.

I thought that it would feel weird to be living in Massachusetts.  I’ve lived in Virginia for the majority of my life…I’m getting divorced…I don’t have any family or friends here…I’m starting a new job that’s slightly out of my comfort zone…I could go on.  And yet it doesn’t feel strange at all.  I feel good in the apartment that I found, I like my roommate and her family, who live downstairs, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy my job.  The transition has felt very natural for me and I feel like I’m supposed to be here.

There is a quote I came across recently that really resonated with my current state of mind.

“Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.” – Mandy Hale,   The Single Woman

I was just not prepared to cope with 10 more years on the track my life was on.  There wasn’t anything inherently bad about it, it just wasn’t what I wanted or needed for my optimal happiness long term.  What worked for me 10 years ago, wasn’t compatible with where I am now.  I think that sometimes you just have to make hard decisions about what will make you the happiest in life.  Don’t settle for just “not bad” or “manageable”.  That isn’t good enough, not for me, not for you.  Everyone deserves to find their “awesome” and “blissful”.

I got fed up enough with my life to push outside of my comfort zone.  I pushed the reset button on my life, I’m alone in a state I’ve never lived in, with potential everywhere.  It wasn’t easy, but I’m here on a shifted path.  I did it.


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