Procrastination in full effect.

I’m doing it right now by writing this post.  I have a million things to get done this week, I’m in the middle of packing for a huge move to Boston.  I’m transitioning to a new job as well, so in addition to filling out new paperwork before my start date, I’m working to complete any additional paperwork that was left from the previous job.  I’ve been organizing paperwork needed to get my personal stuff (car registration, insurance, etc) prepared for the move to another state.  Wowza.  It’s not optimal to have so much on my plate,  It’s SO EASY to justify putting off things you don’t enjoy doing.  However, I am aware that procrastination is not a simple issue, and this is no exception.  There are multiple factors at play here.

One influence is the emotional issues that come up when you’re packing up your home.  Not only am I moving, but I’m also getting divorced.  (I apologize if anyone reading who knows me, didn’t know this, it hasn’t been something I was keen on advertising.)  These are two of the most stressful life events that a person can deal with in their lifetime, both are within the top 5.  No matter what the circumstances of a divorce, no matter who initiated or how caring you try to be to each other, there is still an emotional minefield to trudge through.  Needless to say, deciding who gets what stuff out of the home we created together, or sorting through happy and sad memories, isn’t high on my “I would love to do this” list right now.

Another factor is how easy it is to put off unpleasant tasks if you don’t have structure or a dedicated work space.  I had a few clients last week, but I’ve been off since Friday, and while I have had spurts of productivity, not having a schedule really impedes my ability to get things done.  I’ve also never had a really awesome work space in the home.  My desk chair was always amazingly uncomfortable for me.  I’m sitting here on the sofa, typing with my laptop, curled up with a heating pad and cup of tea, and wondering why I can’t seem to focus on the typing to get the work done.  Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all just a single click away, beckoning every time my mind wanders from the task at hand…and oh, how easy it is to get sucked in and realize that an hour has passed with doing nothing on social media.

The last issue that keeps sapping my will to sit and type, is the fact that it actually hurts to sit for long periods.  I’m still dealing with the aftermath of an SI joint issue that started over the summer.  While it’s mostly better, I get a distinct burning sensation in my left butt cheek (that’s a technical term, folks) if I’ve been sitting too long and need to get up and move around, do some yoga, etc.  And then you can imagine that dirty dishes or towels needing to be folded are more noticeable when you’re up and about moving around the house.  Somehow, in those moments, it seems so much more desirable to do those daily chore activities than to sit back down and type boring client related material.

I definitely need defined space to be able to focus, I just can’t get as much done typing from bed or sitting on the floor.  I need a tidy desk and mostly tidy room.  I prefer earplugs or mellow music to block out some of the distractions.  In my new job, I’m going to have a computer and private office.  I’m not going to need to take my work home with me unless I want to (which I don’t, at all…).  I have a feeling it’s going to be glorious.


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